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Looking at the facts, the following is my conclusion. I don't ask or expect many to agree with me.


It first needs to be said, that every condition of the sign was met. Scottie Clarke's 7,000 screenshots, one for each of the six thousand previous years and one for each of the next one thousand years found no matches.  Mark Chiswell's algorithm set it apart as unique. Other studies such as by John Bell proved it was unprecedented. Seminary professors and Pastors recognized it to be genuine. The sign occurred despite the explanations of the critics. I am convinced God allowed the expectation and the disappointment for good reasons. I am equally convinced sincere Christ loving Christians everywhere have not been labeled false prophets by God..... for their involvement in their hopeful expectation of this ONE unique event. Getting it wrong did NOT transfer one sincere child of God into the company of those who are damned. And that such an accusation reveals, if anything, the accusers ignorance concerning a redemption that comes to us from pure grace alone. I haven't forgotten about it and moved on. Neither have a multitude of Christians awakened by it. We perceived it as an event, though the text referred to it as a sign. Thus to say the sign did not appear because there was no event, is pure foolishness......yet that is how the critics have gone down on record. They are now the proud owners of that. They haven't debunked anything. They have fulfilled what was written. By saying, "Where is the promise of His coming?" 

 Revelation 12:5 is a context of “rescue” from the threat of the dragon. The word “rapture,” harpazo, is used in the New Testament for a rescue. Christ was not rescued, but ascended, and was in no danger. Harpazo, is never used of Christ’s ascension to heaven. Thus, Revelation 12:5 is completely inappropriate to describe the ascension of Christ, but is completely appropriate to describe the rapture of the church as .....

.....a rescue from Satan’s emerging efforts to destroy the church as we approach the end times......not physically, but spiritually, in the sense of corrupting, perverting the Gospel of Christ. Replacing it's purity. Replacing Monergism, with Synergism. 

Therefore, given the fact that there is a DIRECT connection between Satan’s efforts to DESTROY i.e. devour the church spiritually, doctrinally , and the Rapture, I'm going to suggest that the destruction Revelation 12:5 is speaking of is not physical, but SPIRITUAL, having more to do with the absence of sound biblical doctrine, resulting in increased, near complete apostasy. 

I will go a step further and suggest that the teaching of sound biblical doctrine is actually holding back the rapture of the Church, a final gathering of sheep into the fold, and if it were not for the preaching of the Gospel, we would have been raptured by now. A fact only rightly understood by those who know the true Gospel. I  believe the Gospel and the Rapture are intrinsically related to one another spiritually.


Just a casual reading of R12 will prove it to be telling a story of....

"what has been, what now is, and what shall be....."

.....and not in chronological order. It is this story God wants us to know as his return draws near. The story begins with Israel bringing forth the Messiah, and ends with the Kingdom.


I am persuaded the actual alignment occurred on  9/23/17 in order to confirm things which are to come. Future events, about to unfold in real time. A final wakeup call to God's people living in the final last days of a final generation. Meaning Christ is AT THE DOOR.


Revelation is not chronological. Contained within John's vision, is seen a real time past present and future picture of Israel, Christ, His Body (the Body of Christ) which includes the rapture,  and Satan.  Christ and His Body share an inseparable union. The Head and the Body are not separate entities.

We ARE His Body....SPIRITUALLY. Which is another reason why I now lean toward the view of Satan's attempt to devour the Church as something spiritual, not physical. Harpazo implies a sudden removal from danger. But her spiritual destruction could be seen as that danger. The light of the true Gospel, and the preaching of it, is growing dim. It only makes sense that the diminishing light of the Gospel would precede the darkness of the tribulation period.  I believe that to really understand the R12 Sign, we must first understand the true nature of the Gospel, which I believe helps explain why modern christianity in general has scoffed and ridiculed the R12 Sign. Because the Gospel which it proclaims is "another gospel." 

I believe the physical aspect of the R12 Rapture, which is an event, has distracted us from the spiritual perspective of the Dragon's desire to devour the Body of Christ through a  perversion of the Gospel. That he has tried to destroy the Gospel of Christ since the Church began at Pentecost. And if we are not raptured soon, he will have done just that. And that the rapture will deliver us from that. Because we cannot separate the Church, the Body of Christ, the male child, from the Gospel. 

John saw Christianity as born of Judaism via labor. And saw Satan bent on destroying the Church since it's beginning. He saw it caught up to God's throne in preservation preventing that devouring. He saw war break out in Heaven as a RESULT of that harpazo. And Satan cast down to pursue the woman who gave birth. John was shown past. present, and future. Sept 23 2017 was not meant to be any event. It was meant to awaken the Church to the soon fulfillment of that which John was shown. I do not believe we or the world will see a "sky dragon." I believe that this is the dragon's own distraction from the truth surrounding the vision. Satan has stood before the woman ready to destroy the male child, the Church, the Body of Christ since the birth of Christ and his Body. What John was not shown, was Satan trying to destroy Christ since the Fall, by corrupting the seed. Enter the Great Deluge. We cannot separate the Head from the Body. Christ is not one thing, His Body another.


I base this conclusion on several factors. My belief that things spiritual FAR outrank the physical. My being led to bear down heavily on preaching the Gospel when our expectations were not met in Sept of 2017. My confidence regarding the true nature of the Gospel.  My conviction that there is no such thing as coincidence. The dispensational distinction between Israel and the Church. And modern Christianity nearing a full state of apostasy. Here is what I believe is.... 

The History Lesson of the R12 Sign(s)

1: God choosing the nation Israel to bring light unto the nations. The 12 Tribes of Israel. 

2: The intense labor of God's chosen nation Israel to bring forth her Messiah. 

3: Fall of Satan and his becoming the god of this world. 

4: The expulsion of Satan and 1/3 of the angels from heaven. Herod's efforts to destroy the Christ child. 

5-6: Beginning of the Church at Pentecost, (The Church ruling with Christ throughout the Millennium), the Rapture (incidental mention), God protecting Israel the first half of the Tribulation. Could be the  Psalm 83 War. 

7-9: War in heaven because the Church is now in heaven. Satan defeated and forever expelled.

10: Salvation, Millennium with Christ as King. 

11: Victory over Satan by the blood of Christ through testimony and martyrdom. 

12: Rejoicing of the saints and angels in heaven over Satan's defeat. Satan's fury during the Great Tribulation. 

13: Satan's intent to utterly destroy Israel. 

14: Israel flees from Satan with great speed into God's place of protection.

15: Massive Muslim invasion intent on Israel's destruction.

16: God through nations assist Israel in defeating Satan and his Antichrist. 

17: Satan directs his wrath against the nations. 

Chapter 13: John goes back to describing events during the tribulation. 

So thats my take on this as we come up on the 3 year anniversary of the R12 Sign where that I decided to dedicate this ministry to proclaiming the Gospel, which I do not see as a separate issue from the R12 Sign, but intrinsically a significant part of it. We can't separate the Gospel of grace from the male child that will be caught up to God's throne to be rewarded for it's very proclamation of it. 

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