The following is what we believe may be the next most likely timeframe for the Rapture of the Church

based on an accumulation of reliable data

total days.png


The Fig Tree Generation may be defined as 80 years. Labor is associated with the heavenly celestial birth of the Church. Sorrow being associated with those who suffer through the tribulation period. The 6000 years mankind was allowed to rule may end in 2021 at the Rapture. 
A three year three day period of labor would have then begun for the Church on Israel's Independence Day in 2018, which would end on Pentecost 2021, where the Church would depart on the exact date which it began in 34 AD, May 14, which is the exact date Israel was reborn in 1948, where Jesus would return when Israel turns 80, on the exact date Adam was created. 

Adam's rule would  have begun on his 8th day, beginning the 6000 year countdown to the Church being removed.  The beginning of mankind's rule on his 8th day after creation would foreshadow eternity beginning at the 8th Millennium after the 7000 years ends. Creation Day 1 to the Kingdom being a total of 6007 years and 80 days. With the interval between the R12 Sign to the Rapture being a period of testing for the Church, coinciding with the Great Tribulation period destined for Israel and the nations. 

A Total Lunar Eclipse marking Adam's 8th day, (Man's first Total Lunar Eclipse), and 1st day of his rule over creation, beginning the 6000 year countdown...... and a Total Lunar Eclipse marking  the 8th day following the departure of the Church, the Tribulation period's first Total Solar Eclipse). 

The beginning date of the ministry of the Two Witnesses is textually and historically  connected to God's vision and message to Ezekiel to warn His rebellious people of coming judgment. The Midpoint has the Temple historical connections to the Mishkan. the Temple, and Hanukkah. 

About the Midpoint

Thanksgiving 2024 Midpoint.jpg

Just so you know.....a Pentecost rapture places the midpoint right at Thanksgiving, Nov 27/28....2024. Remember that the antichrist changes dates and times/seasons. Coincidence? There are a whopping 17 countries that celebrate their own version of Thanksgiving. Some of the festivities commemorate colonial migrations to the Americas and others celebrate the start of a new lunar cycle to welcome in the harvest season. Thanksgiving 2021 is Nov 25. In 2022 it's Nov 24. In 2023 it's Nov 23. In 2024 it's Nov 27/28. 

May 17, 2021 is also on a Tuesday. The favored day of traditional Jewish Wedding.